The Gleaners Band
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The Gleaners Band

The Gleaners Band in a classroom.
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At Northridge

The Gleaners Olde Time Band

Featuring hammered and Applachian dulcimers, mandolin,
violin (fiddle) and string bass, guitar, autoharp,harmonica,
and drums.
Unusual instruments include Newfie Spoons, bones,
Uke-A-Lin, banjo-uke and ukelele.    

 (Below)  At the Centerburg "Old Time Farm Festival"

Farm Festival
Gene (on drums)     Gina and Corrie (fiddle)    Delmer (Hammered Dulcimer)    Leland  (Harmonica)    Ron (Banjo)
Bill (Behind Delmer, bass)

       Vintage Gleaners
Gleaners 07/020/89
Robert Edwards  Homer Rhodeback    Hubie Squires    Delmer Warner   Leland Hubbell  Marion Williams   Frank Williams
Picnic at Licking County Park, July 20, 1989